Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Tablet Keyboard

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Tablet Keyboard

The truth is that tablets are revolutionizing the way people work and play. Some experts argue that they are meant to replace laptops. Although smartphones and tablets improve the way a person works, they are yet to replace the traditional laptop. That is because of the lack of a physical keyboard. Ideally, without a keyboard, it becomes difficult to use these devices. Fortunately, there are several keyboards on the market that are compatible with tablets. Before buying a tablet keyboard, such as HUAWEI matepad keyboard, there is a need to know the advantages and disadvantages of owning one.


The following are some of the top benefits of getting a tablet keyboard.

Better Productivity

The main purpose of buying a tablet keyboard is to help you type better. Although the touchscreen keyboard is great, it is not possible to type as quickly as you can. That is because the traditional keyboard makes it easy to enter the text. Thus, if you need to complete your project as soon as possible, then you should choose a keyboard. This will make it easier for you to respond to emails and create documents.

Better Control

The truth is that keyboards have certain features that make it easier to manage your keyboard. For instance, they have special keys that help you navigate the menus of your operating system easily. Probably, the touch interface is easy, but if you type away and you need something really quick, you should consider having access to the bonus keys. This will save you a lot of time away from swiping the screen.

Improved Comfort

One of the reasons you go for a tablet is the comfortable experience it provides. That is because you can use them anywhere. If you want to use the tablet for work, you should consider getting a tablet keyboard. This will make your experience even more comfortable. Since your wrist will not be elevated continuously, it means you can type for long period without getting tired. When it comes to productivity, anything that offers you added comfort makes the difference.


Although the tablet keyboard has many advantages, it also has a share of its drawbacks. Other than the added cost, these drawbacks can help you determine whether you should get one or not.

Less Portability

It does not matter how small the keyboards are, they are nearly the same thickness, weight, and size as the tablet. This means when you get a keyboard you are doubling the overall weight. The added weight can impact how you carry your tablet.

Small Size

Studies have shown that most people like using full-sized keyboards. That is because this type of keyboard offers a great feeling. However, most tablet keyboards have been down-sized to fit the size of the laptop, but the number of keys remains the same. This means the keys have been shrunk to fit the available space. As a result, this makes typing on the tablet keyboard quite difficult. This is the case with people who have large hands. Therefore, you should inspect the keyboard keys to ensure they are not too small.