Corset Top Lacing Mistakes To Avoid

Corset Top Lacing Mistakes To Avoid

The corset top will be the next big thing for most women. They are support garments designed to hold the torso and provide a particular figure. You can wear them for different purposes like medical or aesthetic use. Depending on your liking, they come with clasps, a zip, or lacing for fastening. A corset top lacing determines its structure, fit, and comfort. However, many people make mistakes during lacing, contributing to their lack of appreciation for them. We discuss the corset top lacing mistakes below.

Mistakes to avoid when lacing a corset top

There are different types of corset tops available in stores. We focus on those with lacing ad how to wear them right.

1.      Too much tightening at the hip area

Some people like tight and constricting corset tops. However, they are not the best due to comfort and ease of walking. The hips expand when sitting or walking, so avoid tightening the top hip area so much. Also, a too-tight corset creates a division on your hip, making you look like you have extra flesh. In addition, the corset can rip due to too much pressure within it and no distributions points. Leave at least an inch for expansion and comfort. A looser corset around the waist will enhance the shape you are going for more.

2.      Corset top lacing around the waist

Ideally, the corset lacing is meant to stay at the back after tying. Nevertheless, some women want a clean look or find them bulky. Tying them around the waist breaks the original silhouette and brings an entirely different look. Also, the rubbing of the lace against the corset material damages it. If the lacing bothers you, have a tailor cut them short if they are too long or tuck them in at the back, so they are not visible. If you want to draw much attention to your waistline, choose a corset with a waist accent or ribbon.

3.      Wearing corset top lacing above the actual waistline

Using the visible or natural waist to wear other clothes makes them look good but is different for corset tops. You should wear them on the skeletal or anatomical waistline, which is lower than the natural waist. Corsets tend to move upwards during tying. Hold down the corset firmly to remain in place as someone does the lacing.

For plus-size women, finding the waistline may seem difficult. In this case, adjust the corset top till it fits and feels comfortable. It should neither be too high in the bust area nor too low towards the hips. When lacing on the best waistline position, ensure the laces are pulled outward towards the size for a proper fit and not towards the person. Since a too-tight corset is not recommended, you might have to keep adjusting it back into position.

Bottom line

It's necessary to avoid the mistakes above for a good-looking corset top. However, there are exceptions to these rules depending on the user. Hip sizes, torso lengths, and the general appearance of the top vary between wearers. Lace the corset top based on your body type but still follow the correct lacing technique.