How to Customize and Make Your Lash Bed Comfortable

How to Customize and Make Your Lash Bed Comfortable

If you're a lash stylist, you know how difficult it can be to find a comfortable place for your clients to rest their heads while they're getting their lashes done.

However, with an aim to find a satisfying comfort zone for your clients, there are few upgrades you can do on the lash bed. These are:

Ensure there is plenty of lighting

You want to be able to see what you're doing, so make sure there is plenty of light in the room where you're working so that nothing gets missed when applying lashes! It also helps if you can see what kind of mood your client is in so you know if they need anything else before leaving or if they want something else done while there (such as brow maintenance).

Consider Getting a Lash bedcover

If you want to make your eyelash bed more luxurious, consider getting one with a cover. A nice cover can help make your salon look more professional, but it can also help keep the mattress clean and sanitary for your clients. This will give you a soft surface for clients to lean against while they get their extensions done.

Think about a SPA heating pad

If you want to make sure that your client feels as relaxed as possible while they are getting their lashes done, then consider using a SPA heating pad on the bed during their appointment with you. It can help them feel warm and cozy while they are getting their lashes put on by you and also help them relax more so that they do not feel any pain or discomfort during the process of getting their lashes done by an eyelash extension specialist like yourself.

Get Ergonomic Neck Pillows

A neck pillow will ensure that your customer's neck is always supported correctly during their service - even if they fall asleep! This is especially important if you have an adjustable arm for your spa bed or stand-alone unit; it's hard for customers to keep their necks supported when they can't adjust their height properly. You can find some great ones online.

Consider Lash bed toppers

Lash beds are made from different materials, such as foam and latex. The type of material used in the construction of your lash bed will determine how comfortable it is. You can improve the comfort of your lash bed by adding a layer of padding or memory foam over the top, which will give extra cushioning and support.

Add a Lumbar Pillow

The lumbar pillow is very useful for your customers. They can use it to support their head or lower back while they are lying down on the bed. This will help to relieve the pain in their back, shoulder or legs when they lay on it. You can place this pillow under your client’s head or lower back according to what they need most at that moment.


The best way to make your eyelash bed comfortable, is to add on a little foam and/or a memory foam topper. With these simple additions, you will not only make it inviting for a client, but it will also be a worthy space for you to relax briefly. Serving clients for hours and hour can really take a toll on you physically. If you do not have an area where you can relax yourself between clients, this may cause you to get short with your next client and hurt your reputation.