Importance of a Football Backplate

Importance of a Football Backplate

Football backplates are a great way to protect the spine and ribs in football. If you’re a parent of a football player, you should make sure they wear a football backplate at all times during games and practices.

Here are some reasons why you should get your child a custom back plate football wear:

It can save lives

When it comes to protecting children from serious injuries, it doesn’t get any better than this! A good-quality backplate will absorb most of the impact from tackles and collisions, ensuring that your child stays safe on the field at all times. It also helps prevent them from suffering spinal damage which could lead to paralysis or death if not taken care of immediately after an injury occurs. Football players need protection from serious injuries like broken bones and paralysis so they can keep playing without worrying about hurting themselves even more than they already have been!

Enhances Fast Movement without Compromising Safety

The design of this product is such that it enhances your speed without compromising safety. The backplate also features padding on its front part, which helps absorb shock when you get hit by another player or fall down while playing football.

Its Customisable to Display Team Colours

A lot of people prefer wearing this type of equipment because they can choose what colour they want their plate to be in order to match their team’s uniform colours. This makes it easier for them to identify themselves as players on the field.

Football Backplate Helps in Preventing Lower Back Injuries

Football is a very physical game that requires players to be fit enough so as to take part in competitive matches at any level. Different types of injuries occur during matches, which can be avoided if you wear proper protective gear while playing football at all levels including school, college and professional level matches.

Protection Against Spine Hits

A football backplate protects the lower back region of the player against spine hits during tackles or collisions with other players. When a player receives a heavy hit on his lower back region, it can result in serious injuries such as herniated disks or nerve damage which may cause paralysis in some cases. A football backplate helps absorb some of the impact force during these types of impacts so as to prevent such injuries from occurring. It also reduces the impact on your body when you collide with another player because it spreads out some of that force over a larger area instead of having it concentrated on one small area (your spine).

Football Backplates Decrease Impact on Lower Back Region

The football backplate protects from serious injuries by decreasing impact on your lower back region. As you run downfield with the ball, there is a chance that you will get hit hard by another player who wants to take it away from you. If you don't wear a football backplate, there will be direct contact between your body and theirs leading to severe injuries like broken bones, bruises or even concussions.


Football protective gear plays a very important role. It is used to protect the player from any kind of serious injury during his game. Football backplates also help in reducing the risk of injury to your lower back. It is made up of polyethylene which has flexible properties and can adjust itself according to the body. In other words, football backplates are a good option who wants to be safe and secure on the field.