Types of Knife Blades by Knife Blade Manufacturers Explained

Types of Knife Blades by Knife Blade Manufacturers Explained

Blades are truly a versatile tool made by knife blade manufacturers. One can use it for anything from chopping and dicing vegetables to even protecting themselves. Knife blades are blades that are short and easy to carry around. These knives are hence quite lightweight.

Types of Knife Blades

Choosing a knife may be difficult for beginners. That is why, in this article, various different types of knife blades and their specialties have been listed.

1. Drop-Point Knife Blade

The drop point knife blade is a blade that is characterized by its convex spine, the curve beginning from the hilt and ending at the point. These types of blades are perfect for hunters as the shape allows for bigger belly for slicing and easy point control.

2. Sheepsfoot Blade

These blades too have a convex spine but the blade is straight edged from the hilt to the point. This shape allows the user for a precision in cutting or slicing without the fear of a puncture. These blades were used by sheep keepers to shave the hooves. Current years have seen this blade used in rescue operations as well.

3.  Wharncliffe Blade

Like a Sheepsfoot blade, these blades too have a curved spine and a straight edge. However, the curve in this blade is much more gradual. This shape of the blade allows the user to prevent puncture wounds and to exert control, used in the same way as Sheepsfoot blade.

4. Clip-Point Blade

This blade is characterized by a spine and the front edge of it seems to have been clipped off. This snipped of area can be concave or straight. This shape allows the blade to be used for precision work.

5. Normal Blade/ Straight-Point blade

This is a blade has a straight spine. The edge curves up to meet with the spine. This blade is hard and sturdy for chopping and slicing. User can increase the force of the cutting by applying pressure on the blunt side of the blade.

6. Tanto Blade

This blade is inspired from the short blades used by the samurai from the feudal period. This short blade has an angular edge. This allows for a much stronger and precise point. This blade is used for piercings more than slicing.

7. Gut Hook

These are addition that comes with particular blades. This is a hook like attachment to the spine of the knife that allows hunters to slice the skin without harming what’s under the skin.

8. Spey-point Blade

These blades have a straight spine and a straight, flat edge that curves up to meet the spine. These were used in farms to neuter animals. These are commonly used by hunters now.

9. Spear-point Blade

These blades have symmetrical edges. One or both edges can be sharp. These are made for thrusting and penetration. These blades are used in throwing knives mostly.

10. Needle-Point Blade

These are knives with two straight edges that taper sharply into a point. This design allows it to pierce, cute and penetrate much easily. These blades are considered weapon in some countries.

11. Hawkbill Blade/ Talon

These are particular blades that have a curved spine and a curved edge in the same direction that makes the point face downward. This is used in cutting linoleum and carpets as these blades work the best when the material is pulled towards the handle.

12. Trailing Point Blade

In these blades, the spine curves up making a point elevated from the handle. This allows the knife to be used for slicing. Skinning and filleting.

The Final Words

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