Understanding the Pros and Cons of a Bluetooth Mouse

Understanding the Pros and Cons of a Bluetooth Mouse

Bluetooth technology is quite popular and for good reasons. It has changed how communication is done. For instance, it allows people to communicate through their phones hands-free. One of the most useful products that use Bluetooth technology is the HUAWEI bluetooth mouse 2nd generation. Ideally, this device uses radio waves to pass information. It is mobile and has a great range. However, this product is not as common as other Bluetooth gadgets, such as wireless earphones because of their high prices, configuration complexity, and vulnerability to interference. These are some of the pros and cons of buying a Bluetooth mouse.



Other than being mobile, the Bluetooth mouse is compatible with a range of devices. For instance, if you install the right drivers on your smartphone, you can use it to navigate the menus. Also, the mouse works with MP3 players, PDAs, home phones, and other devices. However, every device ought to be Bluetooth-enabled. In some cases, you might be required to install the right drivers.


The Bluetooth mouse is known to enhance mobility. Ideally, you can go with this mouse nearly everywhere. You can put it in the pocket, jackets, and backpack and use it with several devices. Also, the Bluetooth mouse provides a better range than its wireless counterpart. You should note that the infrared mouse ought to have its line of sight. This means it must see the device for it to connect. However, the Bluetooth mouse uses radio waves that can travel to any angle and can bend.


Not User-Friendly

Although the Bluetooth device is easy to use after setting it up and configuring it, the configuration can be quite complex for most users. You can put the Bluetooth mouse by setting up the battery and then flipping the switch. However, if the device is not Bluetooth-enabled, you can use the Bluetooth adapter to communicate. You have to ensure the Bluetooth mouse can detect the adapter and then configure it. Fortunately, most of the Bluetooth devices available come with an installation guide that helps you to configure them as required.


The other issue with the Bluetooth device is insecurity. This is attributed to its ability to be connected to several devices. Fortunately, you should not be concerned about being hacked, but you need to deal with interference from devices that use Bluetooth technology. If a user has a Bluetooth mouse, another person with a computer might find the mouse controlling his or her laptop. The solution to this is moving from the other user’s mouse.


Other than dealing with complicated interference and installation challenges, the main reason that the Bluetooth mouse is not popular is that it costs more than the infrared and regular one. For instance, the cost of a Bluetooth mouse is higher than $20. The cost can also vary upwards depending on where you bought it and the specifications it has. As technology advances, the cost of Bluetooth devices keeps falling. Thus, you can expect the cost of the Bluetooth mouse and other devices to reduce in the future.